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3 Reasons Why Your Habits Fail

By Joaquin Revello


So what if you are too busy to actually take time towards your habits. What if your habits consistently fail? What if you're not getting the results you want in your life?


I am here to tell you that with the strategies in this blog post, you will be able to create successful habits by removing these key stumbling blocks that are destroying your success.


At the beginning of the year, when everyone is pumped up and motivated to change themselves into a better person, shockingly around 81 - 92% of new year's resolutions fail.


You might be thinking right now that you are that 10%, but are you really?


So what will it take for you to achieve those habits and become that small elite group of people who actually do what they said would?


Well to begin, you have to understand that change is quite hard, mainly because of the environment you are surrounded with every day. With these simple 3 strategies, you will be achieving your habits, remarkably easier and faster than everyone else.


1. Start to Big

Onto the first our first habit mistake, you start way to big.


Let me tell you that there is no point in making a massive change, mainly because it requires a significant amount of motivation too keep the habit and is hard to adapt. If you can keep it for more than a year, good job, but don't think it the only way!


Remember success is a marathon, not a sprint. You do not become the healthiest person in the world in one night by making a massive Hercules effort. Instead, you must start small, that way you can simply build the routine up. Or the action of doing your habit.


Then from that you can simply scale up. A habit is a routine. Doesn’t say how big it is. It is just a routine, without a routine it is not a habit, no matter how big your ambitions are.


I always tell my clients, that to build a routine, you don’t need to spend one hour working out, just to build it. Instead do something I call the ‘one pushup’, which I found in a book I read recently called the Art of Persistence by Michal Stawicki.


It said that someone made it necessary to do one pushup a day. Why? Because it easy and it builds that routine. And after time after doing one push up for three months, changing over to 5 pushups a day became automatic, then 15.


What I am saying here is you need to start small to grow your habits into something big.



2. Adding Habits, Not Deleting Them

In our busy, distracted and overworked world, where we never seem to have the time for anything, adding in habits is the not the secret, deleting them is.


Here is the truth about habits. We think we can just add in habits to whatever time we want, without realising that we are most likely already doing something during that time. And what do you think will replace your habit during that time? Yes that is correct, whatever was there before, especially if it easier to do.


So remove a before you add b.


As all of our moms used to say: you don’t have time to do everything, and that is true.

The reason why we are busy is because we trying to do everything. So adding more habits, more routines, more actions into our busy lives will only make us busier.


3. Seeking Results not a routine

And finally, the last habit killer is that you are seeking results, not a routine. Understand that habits are daily actions, they're not a result.


A habit is not bigger muscles, more money or a happier life. Yes, it is the potential for that, but a habit is something you do in a routine to ultimately get you that end result. Begin by simple switching your mindset, and yes switch it today.

Don’t be so focused on the results, be focused on the routine, because that will ultimately give you the results you want in your life. Focus on the rituals, focus on the actions, focus on the routines and you can forget about absolutely everything else.


End Thoughts

If you want to become more productive and achieve more you have to start now and today. You can’t wait until you are not busy to start doing something.


So as you are reading this right now, apply only one of these points into your life today, not tomorrow, today to start getting the results you want in your life.


And yes the results will come.


Tell me how it goes at contact.acetivitylabs@gmail.com

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