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5 Easy & Powerful Productivity Hacks

By Joaquin Revello


What if you are unfocused. What if you are lost in your work and what if you don’t seem to be achieving your best?


I am here to tell you that you can become better.

And you can become remarkably productive with these five easy, simple and powerful productivity hacks to instantly increase your productivity, to create outstanding results.


I can guarantee you that if you are to implement these things into your life as I describe them you will immediately, right now, quantifiable be able to produce 3 times as much as you did before.


And yes today!

How do I know this? Because over the year I have tested these methods and found that they can work in really profound ways to give you promising results.


1. Removing Distractions by Cleaning desk

Remove those distractions that are removing your remarkable focus and your competitive edge.


According to the Telegraph, Employees waste 759 hours each year due to workplace distractions.

That is the same as watching over 315 movies of 140 minutes in length.












The amount of time employes waste in one year average is equivalent to watching 315 movies of around 140 minutes in length.

Image Credit: Marvel Studios


To remove these distractions, start by cleaning out your desk. What I do to clean out my desk fast and efficiently is to remove everything that does not give you focus and energy on the task at hand, whether that is paper or fidgety toys on the desk.


Not only does this keep your focus, but it prevents you from bouncing between tasks and ultimately losing your focus on whatever work you are doing. So remove all your distractions.


According to the Globe and Mail“Our research found a clear desk space also gives a clear mind space. It helps you prioritize what's most urgent and makes you more efficient. It also helps your ability to make good decisions because you have the information available where you need it."

So if you want to instantly create remarkable results by staying focus, remove the distractions on your desk.



2. Track your Productivity

It is absolutely no secret that top athletes know every single bit of stats for their improvement. Top basketball players know there 3 pointer average, baseball players know there hitting speeds and sprinters know there sprinting average.


If you want to achieve like a professional athlete you to have to know your stats. Not only does it give you insight on where you have to improve and what you have to achieve to become a significantly stronger player. It also gives you measurable evidence towards progress, weather that is your goals or a certain task at hand. And this quantifiable progress is extremely important to seeing growth overtime.


And as I talked about in another post, progress towards something important makes you happy.


So how exactly do you track? You measure the time you spend doing focus activities, whatever your goal is. You can do this using a stopwatch.


I can assure you that the more you track the more you will see your problems and successes point out to you. Fortunately, Acetivitylabs is creating a product, called the GetProductive Alpha, link below, which will help you track your productive time, improve it and see results on your phone through graphs.













A device that will certainly change the way you do work. The good news is that we are almost done making it


However, the most important thing to note here is that without an indication of where you are, you cannot improve your skills.


3. Set a Deadline

Nothing in the world increases necessity and productivity than deadlines. It is the number one tip to immediately increasing your output, add a deadline.


Why is this the case? Deadlines create an outside need to achieve a certain goal in a certain time. 


When adding deadlines, you have to make sure you give complete control of the deadline to any person you deeply trust, or else make a consequence if you do not achieve this deadline.


4. Eat the Frog

As the famous Mark Twain once said, “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worse things that is going to happen to you all day long.” and he was right.


It is no mystery that doing the big task first is better. Mainly because you have the most mental energy at a beginning of a task and less energy at the end.


And if you have two frogs to eat, eat the bigger one first. This simple act of finishing something that you don’t want to do, but has to get done first, instantly removes procrastination and makes you feel relieved once you are done it. Try it and tell me how it goes below.


5. Plan out your weeks

And number five, plan out your weeks beforehand.


I assume you are a very busy person, trying to juggle many different responsibilities and probably jobs as well.


But you have to realize that famous people, can get all of these amazing things done and more in the same time you have.


In fact, they probably have many more responsibilities than us. What there secret to staying on top of what they have to do? Planning out each day of the week.


This helps you so much because once the time to do the work actually comes, you have nothing else you should be doing but that one thing because you scheduled it.


As Robin Sharma once said, and I have to admit I really love this quote because of how true it is. Let me quote him “What gets scheduled gets done”. So schedule your tasks and do them once the time comes.


End Thoughts

If you want to become more productive and achieve more you have to start now and today. You can’t wait until you are not busy to start doing something.


So as you are reading this right now, apply only one of these points into your life today, not tomorrow, today to start getting the results you want in your life.


And yes the results will come.


Tell me how it goes at contact.acetivitylabs@gmail.com

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