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5 Bad Habits you NEED to Stop Doing

By Joaquin Revello


This post is based on the video below:


Habits. Down below are the five habits that you need to stop doing to regain more control of life. If you can stop doing these, you will instantly start to see in a attitude. A change in how you spend your time and a change in your life overall.


1. Wasting Time on your mobile devices


For some people this is a massive problem that has to be addressed. It is wasting your time on your devices when you should be working. Such as social media, games or dank memes. In fact the average person spend about two hours a day on social media. In a lifetime that adds up to about 5 years and 4 months spent on your phone. Imaging all the time you can get back in your life if you were to whittle this number down.

It is occasionally ok to have some fun on your mobile phones or computers, but that is in your entertainment time, not time throughout the day when you are meant to be doing work. Social media is an entertainment, dank memes is an entertainment and games are entertainment. But many don’t treat it as this and spend way too much time on these devices and get distracted by them especially during work.


2. Little sleep


Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and feeling absolutely exhausted knowing that you have a big day ahead. Not only that but poor sleep contributes to low amounts of energy and performance throughout the day. As well as health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.


3. Complaining


We all hate it when someone comes with you their problem and dumps it on you. It is a very bad habit not only because it makes you miserable by making you think that their no solution but it also affects everyone around you.

People who complain are people who just find the negative in the world. To overcome this bad habit, understand that you are incharge of your life. Complaining is just adding excuses to the outcome of certain events making the event feel as if you could not control it. Because if you don’t like your life or how it turned out it is all your fault, not the governments, not your parents, not your co workers not you friends no one but you. If you don’t like your environment you can change that. If you don’t like your job you can change that. Understand that complaining will not magically solve the problem.


4. Blaming other people


Similarly to what was mentioned above, blaming other people for the outcome of your actions, is unawareness about the fact that you are in charge of your life.


5. Excuses


Now for this one, understand that people who make excuses all day long are also the people who don’t seem to be getting much done with their life. Either because they blame outside circumstances for their performance to make them feel better or they never learn from their mistakes and instead they spend their time blaming rather than learning.

For example, saying that you don’t have enough time is an excuse for poor time management skills. Saying that you are busy is an excuses for avoiding important work. And saying that you don’t have the energy to do something is an excuse for lazy performance and planning.

To solve this issue, write out your top excuses and solve each one of them.