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How to be Happy Immediately - Blue Zones of Happiness Review

By Joaquin Revello


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What will it take for you to become happier? When it is all said like that, happiness feels and sounds like something that is distant and difficult to achieve. However fear not, because this easy to read book will instantly solve all of your concerns.


The book, Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner describes a study done by the organization Blue Zones to find the places with the happiest people in the world.

And based on these places what lessons could they pull out and apply to the lives of Americans to make them happier.

This book describes the simple actions you can take to go from unhappy or happy to super happy and fulfilled, packing together much wisdom learnt throughout the world.



What is happiness?

Blue Zones found out that the best way to measure happiness is not by measuring a person's immediate pleasure, but by measuring all three branches of happiness known as the three P’s: Pleasure, Purpose and Pride.


The book then starts describing the happiest places they found, such as Costa Rica, Denmark and Singapore.

When describing these places, Buettner always seem to relate it back to our situation and how this could help us, which I personally found very interesting.


Near the second half of the book, Buettner describes certain areas of your life to improve with simple tips to make to make you happier, such as work life, home and inner life.

I found the book quite enlightening because it made me realise a whole magnitude of things that I did not realise before.


Such as a few key epiphanies and realizations that happiness greatly impacts performance and productivity.


Before I move on, I would like to quickly touch upon the author. Dan Buettner is the founder of the blue zones organization that helps Americans live longer and healthier lives.

Many other books that he wrote include:

Blue zones thrive and Blue zones solution where his research was based primarily on longevity then focusing on Happiness. You can check out his website at: https://www.bluezones.com/




The third most important lesson I learnt in this book is how your home is the ecosystem of your life.

Your environment ultimately defines your happiness. If your environment is negative and just bad. Guess what? You will be as well.

A few tips he gave to improving your home is to number one declutter. You have to remove everything from your environment that can pull your attention.

Not only that but to much things everywhere contribute to higher stress levels.

According to Blue Zones, adding windows to bring in more natural light into your house increases your happiness.

The second tip to improving your home space is to fill it with nature. Bring in trees and plants.

Open up the window. This surprisingly improves your happiness.




Moving onto our second lesson learnt from this book is your friends.

Something I personally struggle with, is hanging out with the right people that will carry me in the direction of my dreams.


The main reason is that your environment will define who you are. As stated by Jim Rohn, “you are the combined average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

Friend attributes are contagious. If you’re friends are happy you more likely will be happy. If you’re friends are sad, you will be sad. And if you’re friends are boring, you will be boring. Interesting right.


So choose wisely who you hang out with. Because they will ultimately determine your success and happiness.




The number one tip is to live your purpose.

It is scientifically proven that those who live their purpose for life live a much happier one. And with your purpose come your values. Find out what those are and your purpose will be clear.

For example my values are Growth, Happiness and Achievement.


As soon as I found these out, I knew this was the career I wanted to do. Nothing makes me happier than going to sleep and knowing that I have lived these values or given them to someone else.

As described in the book, the Singaporeans live under Confucianism values which power the group.

Another key tip here is that you need to describe your purpose. As described by Brendon Burchard, doing this increases your clarity on what you want in your life (6 high performance habits).

As described by the happiest places on earth, they have clear knowlege on what their purpose is and strongly benefit from using that potential power.



Personal Opinion

Overall, my personal opinion is that I loved the book, for the englitening insites is has and how that has changed my life.

I have read it about 5 times and every time I read it, it changes my life.

And because of this, I strongly recommend you read it.


Share this video with your friends to help them become happier: https://youtu.be/hhDCTiZKL9I