Why AceTivity?

Here at AceTivity Labs we believe that productivity is the language of the future.


With the average focused time working dropping to around 3 hours of distracted time in an eight hour week, it is truly frightening to think of how much that productivity loss is damaging business, people and even the government in general.


We exist to help world changers become more productive by helping them get more done in less time.

Management Team

Joaquin Revello, Chief Executive Officer, Blog Editor, Video Host & Producer

I'm Joaquin, I love outside activity, such as soccer, skiing, and biking. I love reading books and watching informational courses because I believe that books give you a lot of valuable information and experiences that the took the authors, years if not decades to discover. I do the social media marketing and blog post updates here on AceTivity Labs. I am also the co-author of the blog 'Entrepreneurs of the Future'.

Peter Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Hardware Development

Well my name is Peter, I enjoy inventing and designing new technologies as well as the sciences and math. I do the 3D modeling and design for the GetProductive Alpha. I design and fly remote-controlled aircraft and suborbital high powered rockets as hobbies.

Alexander Ivanov, Chief Information Officer,  Head of App Development 
Theo Barreira, Chief Logistics Officer, Head of Manufacturing

Hey there! I am Theo and I am the head of manufacturing for AceTivity labs. I love doing activities and sports such as biking, snowboarding, and racing. I also like doing chemistry and physics as they are the basic building block to the world and can explain almost everything. I work with the manufacturing of the company products and some aspects of design where innovation is always required.

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AceTivity Labs is a company to help you Get More Done in Less Time

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