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Action - Module 1

Apply these action points this week, and make it your goal to achieve them for at least one week

1.  Carry a notebook around, keep it next to you when working and record the number of times you get distracted, and what caused the distractions to build awareness.

2.   Weed out notifications - email, alerts and any other pop-ups on your computer or phone. Based on the data collected above, start (slowly) removing any distractions. Start by blocking your email and removing your phone from your work place.

3.  Schedule email time 3X a day. As dumb as it sounds, this will increase your focus and reduce stress levels.


Remember that every time you get distracted, it costs you 20 minutes of focused work that you could have spent, but have not spent doing because you got distracted and that time was wasted. In other words, you are reducing the amount of time you could spend working on distractions. 

We will be looking at other distractions in the next module, and specifically, the number strategy to instantly triple your productivity. When I was first introduced to it, my life changed completely. So will yours.

Make sure to download and print out the workbook to keep notes and remember everything discussed about in these modules.

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