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Track Time Doing your 'Very Important Priorities'

Let's be honest here. There are probably thousands of things you and your team could be doing every single day. But how many of the things you do everyday give you and your team the most value towards your goals? 


The Truth about Productivity

Contrary to the popular belief, productivity has less to do with how focused you can do work and more to do with the value of the work you do. The stopwatch function helps you do that. Track the amount of focused time spent doing what gives you value.

Doing What Truly Matters

Unfortunately, most people are unsure what ‘moves the needle’ forward for the organization. Find what gives you and your team the most value and spend as much time as you can doing those things.


Tracking your VIP

The stopwatch function is simple to use. Whenever you are about to do something that gives you the most value, press the button in the middle. Simple as that. Throughout the day press the button when you are doing important work and press it again when you finish. 


You Will be Shocked

The truth is we are always busy. We put in a six-hour day but are unaware of how much of that time is actually spent doing focused work towards the tasks that give you the most value. You will be shocked at how little time you spend doing the task that matter. Keep on increasing the amount of time you spend doing valued work and your results will soar.


Track, Review and Improve

The cycle of success. First, you track, then you review your results and then you improve then moving forward. The GetProductive Alpha tracks and reviews your data so you know exaclty where you need to improve.

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