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How To Stop Playing Fortnite and Other Video Games

By Joaquin Revello


This post is based on the video below:















I have to admit. A few weeks ago I was addicted to Fortnite, and I could easily tell that it was starting to ruin my relationship with some of my friends (I was addicted for about two weeks). To solve this issue I decided to come up with some strategies (that work) to remove my Fortnite and other video game addictions you might have. After successfully removing my addiction, I see that many people are addicted to this game. Now, I pass these strategies on to you, so you can use them to improve your life and the lives of countless others.


1. Delete the Application from device.


The most effective way to removing your addictions, is to remove the app or program on your computer or phone. This instantly removes the will power you need to have when trying to resist any addictions, making it easier to resist the game all together.

This is a very effective strategy for that exact reason, you are making it annoying to download and play again, removing your urge to play it altogether. Not only that but when the app is not there, it will be played less likely then when it is easily there to access.


2. Slowly Stop Using Application


If you do not like the cold turkey approach listed above, and rather want to have a calmer and slightly more fun experience while removing your addiction or addictions, you can simply make a gaming schedule. You can do this by mapping out exactly when you are going to play. Do this by planning to play Fortnite a little bit less then before. For example, one day you play for 2 hours, then the next 1 hour 50 minutes, then 1 hour 40 minutes. After 2 or 3 weeks, you will have whittled down your playing time while still playing a little bit. This is a very effective strategy because it is much less painful then the other strategies and much easier to stick to.


3. Restriction


This is primarily for phone users, but you can simply delete the Fortnite app, then tell someone you trust to put in a restrictions password into restrictions and make them delete the app store. This is very effective for two main reasons. The first being that you simply can’t download the app again because the app store is gone. Gone! therefore you can’t download it and play it whenever you want. The second reason is that in order to download the app again, you will have to ask the person who put in a password for the restrictions to tell it to you. Giving the person you chose to have the password, makes them accountable for your addictions and your choices, not you.