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7 Steps to Making an Amazing Morning Routine

By Joaquin Revello


So, have you ever woken up the morning tired, confused or even panicking?


What if instead of starting the morning as a fire drill, you could wake up relaxed and possibly get more done during the morning and overtime your life.


Let me tell you that this can be done by habits, or more specifically, effective morning habits, that will turn you into a remarkable human being. We all know the power of habits and how with the right habits you can become outstanding. However building these habits and keeping them it is not always as simple as you think, and here is the truth of most habits.


These habits most of the time are too hard to keep.














So how exactly do you keep your habits? You build these habits when you have the most time during the day, and that is in the morning.


Today, I am going to be telling you 7 ways to build an effective morning routine to bring you into the direction of your dreams before 8 am.


1. Wake Up Early

It is no secret anymore, that those who wake up early have the competitive edge. And here is the truth, there are so many outstanding benefits to waking up early, that need to be applied into your life to take you into the direction of your dreams.


And by early I mean 6:30, 6:00 or 5:30.















There are some high achievers who wake up even earlier than that such as Tim Cook, Howard Schultz of Starbucks and even Benjamin Franklin are know to wake up before 5.


The main reason is that you have a lot of time to do work before the world is knocking at your door, sending texts and shoving email up your inbox.

Because of how early it is, there are significantly less distractions that will pull away your focus.


With less distractions, you have significantly more time to get prepared for work or school without the morning fire drill. 


However may I warn you, that in order to wake up early you must go to sleep early as well. So be responsible.


2. Plan Out Your Day

So tip number two to creating a killer morning routine is to make time in the morning to plan out your day. This is a very simple act to staying focused and organized during your chaotic day.



















Not only will you know exactly what you have to do moving forward into the day, but you might even have sometime to prepare or even start doing it, before the day even begins. With this headstart, you are setting yourself up for a success and productive day.


As I always say, “What gets scheduled gets done”.















3. Don't Hit the Snooze!

Ok, so this is the worst thing to do in the morning. Hitting the snooze button sets the tone right at the beginning of the day that you have subconsciously been defeated.


Don’t submit to defeat in the first ten seconds of the day.


According to Mel Robbins, our brain works in 75 minute to 90 minute sleep cycles. Which means that if you try to fall back to sleep in the morning, your body will be ready to wake up in another 75 to 90 minutes energized.


As you know you don’t have 90 minutes when your alarm goes up in the morning, so hitting the snooze makes you even more tired and more likely to underperform. The simple solution?


Jumping out of bed.


Even if it hard, you have to get out of bed as fast as you can and not hit the snooze.



















4. Something for the Body

When you wake up, there are some critical things necessary for your success you have to do to get ready for the day. By this I mean simple health routines.


Number one tip I give you is to drink water in the morning. Get liquids flowing through you, and it is an excellent one to implement in the morning.


The second one is to exercise. According to Forbes exercise has a large amplitude of wins. Such as increase energy, focus and productivity. You most likely know all the benefits, so all you have to do is exercise. Just do it.


The morning is the best time to do it, because it wakes you up and gets you ready to perform for the rest of the day.


5. Something for the Brain

Number five is to wake up your brain. Either by reading or working on a certain task.


Get yourself thinking. Not only will this give you a mental boost in the morning, but also sets the productive tone for the rest of the day.


I suggest you reading something that helps your success to get you thinking.


6. Big Breakfast

Probably the most important one in this list is to eat a big breakfast.


We all know this as a fact, you need a big breakfast to get you going and fuel you all day. To have the time to eat this massive meal, wake up early as I talked about before and eat a lot.


7. Habit and End Thoughts

And finally the most important thing here is that you need, and I can’t stress this enough, you need to turn this into a habit.


It will not radically change your life if you do your morning routine only once.


You have to do it every day to see outstanding results. You have all the tools you need to turn this into a habit, so do it and be consistent.


If you haven’t done so already please subscribe down below, I want to help you become more productive and the only way to do that is learn the skills here at AceTivity Labs and apply them into your life.


So which aspect are you going to apply to make your morning routine truly spectacular? Comment down below or at contact.acetivitylabs.com. Have a productive day, goodbye.

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