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How to Read MORE Books

By Joaquin Revello


This post is based on the video below:


There are many different reasons on why you need to start reading. Such as how it can increase your intelligence, make you smarter and even increase your empathy. Down below are five simple strategies that can be easily applied into your life to increase the overall amount of books you read.


1. Read in your dead time


Dead time is those parts of the day where you have nothing to do, such as riding the bus, Taking out the dog or commuting to work or school. It’s those times of the day when your mind is free. These are perfect time to whip out your audio book and listen throughout the entire time. The beauty of this strategy is how you do not have to spend any more extra time reading or listening than you already are. This means that the time you spend walking the dog will already be spent. This time is what we call ‘dead time’.


2. Routine read


example before you go to bed you can spend those thirty minutes in bed reading. Or when you wake up, you can spend ten minutes of your morning reading on the You need to read at the same time coach or a comfortable chair. The beauty here is that these routines are easy to implement and they can give out massive returning results.everyday until it becomes a routine and habit. However, reading for 20 minutes one day is not enough. Consistency here is key. You have to read every single day. When you do that you will get amazing results. For Example, lets say you read 25 pages a day. In a week that will be 175 pages and in a year that will be 9,100 pages.



3. Bring your book everywhere


Doing this will not only make reading more accessible and easy but it will also build up the wait. To do this you simply get your book and bring it everywhere you go. Because if there is a waiting opportunity for five or ten minutes, you can pull out your book and start reading. It is easy to do and every minutes you spend reading stacks up overtime.when ever you have a free five minutehabit reading


4. Tune your environment for reading


You need to remove anything in your reading environment that could pull your attention away from reading. For example if your reading environment is your bed, you need to remove all electronics, your phone and any other distractions. Then you need to make sure that your environment is filled with books that are accessible and easy to read when the time comes.


5. Plan to read


Before you begin your reading adventures, plan out which books you want to read. Look at synopsis, reviews and plan out exactly what book you want to read. By picking books that you enjoy and are interested in reading, you will enjoy reading them and you will end up reading more books.