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How to Productively Rest

By Joaquin Revello


Today I am going to be explaining to you how to effectively rest and explaining it to you in only two minutes.


The number one thing you can do is meditate.


I know this can sound bizarre or even like a spiritual practice, but various studies conclude (Link Below) that meditation relaxes the brain and increases empathy, memory, decreases anger and even adds more grey matter to your brain, making your brain surprisingly bigger over time.


When taking a day off or relaxing, I try to always include a small session where I just meditate, and I hope you do that as well.


Try this out to see actual results in your life.


Number two is to have fun.


You need to take your brain off the world of work, off the grid, off the information overloaded world we live in and have fun. You have to do whatever is fun to you without thinking of work.


And to do this, I recommend trying to turn off your devices because it has been proven that over consuming cellphones and media creates something called information overconsumption, which causes stress and anxiety in the long term.


An easy way to do replace your tv screen time is to have fun outside in nature or with sports.

Invite a friend over, hang out or play outside, tons of things you can do to have some fun.

Also do what is fun to you. What makes you happy so you can see the results when relaxing. Don’t do what other people think is fun and you don’t, because you properly rest and recover your brain for work.


So that's about it, I now this is a little bit of a blog post, but I have been receiving some feedback to make the videos a little bit shorter in length, so I have tried to do that today right here as a test, tell me what you think in the comments below.