GetProductive Alpha

Simple to use,

profound results


Track Productivity

Designed to give you results, the GetProductive Alpha tracks your productivity and gives you data on how much time you are spending doing focused and important work.

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Simple to use

These simple and proven productivity strategies are designed to give you outstanding results.

Productivity Intervals

Designed to be a functional Pomodoro timer, set a short time (30 minutes) by spinning the screw and work focused and non-stop until the timer is done. Once the work period is done, take a short break (5 minutes) to recharge and repeat.

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Track top Priorities

The secrets to productivity is not doing more in less time, but doing more of what matters. The GetProductive Alpha helps you track that and graph/analyze it in the app.


Graph it on the App

According to one study, seeing results towards your goals and objectives makes you happier. The GetProductive Alpha App, tracks and plots your productivty data, so you can improve your focused time everyday and ultimately increase your results in your work.


Wifi Compatible

Connect your GetProductive Alpha to your phones wifi to send data and see long-term data and results on the apps.