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Set Focus Work Intervals for Maximum Productivity

Warning! The following feature is for those who want spectacular results in there work. If success is not your goal, the GetProductive Alpha may not be for you.

Simple to Use

Designed to set you up for productivity intervals, focused work and rest. Simply set a certain amount of time (e.g. 30 minutes), by rotating the ring and work non stop and completely focused until the timer reaches zero. Once the timer ends, reward yourself with a short break and repeat the cycle.



Created to be an ‘advanced’ pomodoro timer, this device helps you increase focus. According to this article, the pomodoro technique gives you more focus and concentration, less stress and maintains motivation. We implemented this into the GetProductive Alpha to give you an extremely focused work experience.

Focus and Break Discipline

After your focused productivity session, The GetProductive Alpha sets you up for a break of your choice. According to psychology today, short 2 minute breaks after immense focus, is shown to increase creativity, focus and decrease decision fatigue. that and helps you have a more focused work day.

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Multiply your Results

To gain the most bang for your buck, we strongly recommend doing focused, productivity interval work towards your 'Very Important Priorities', those priorities that give you the most value towards your goals, day or job. 


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